San Diego Waterfall Tour Season

There are many San Diego Waterfalls that are quite elusive to your average adventurer.  This is due to our droughts and rain seasons.  Sometimes our waterfalls flow freely and sometimes they are dry.  Timing can be everything and this is why an expert waterfall guide/ hunter can be so important.

Waterfalls occur where there is adequate water supply and elevation change.  The more dramatic the elevation change the more dramatic the waterfall.  San Diego has local waterfalls within 20 minutes of downtown.  San Diego has mountain waterfalls within 45 minutes to an hour from downtown.  San Diego even has desert oasis waterfalls that can be found 1.5-2 hours from downtown in the desert!

To schedule your Incredible San Diego Waterfall Adventure text 619-987-2341.  Let us know where and how many waterfalls you want to visit and we can create a custom adventure for you.